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Saturday Bantering: Random Blue Jays thoughts

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Random Blue Jays notes:

  • Glad to see Tulowitzki and Martin back in the lineup.
  • If Michael Saunders is going to be out for more than a couple of games, could we, please, bring up Dalton Pompey. Presuming, of course, that whatever injury has kept him out of the Bison's lineup the last two days, is minor.
  • That said, I'm all for being super cautious with Saunder. Keeping him healthy, for the full season, should be the goal.
  • I hope, with Colabello out, the Jays find ways to let Bautista DH more. Might as well use the DH spot to keep guys rested.
  • In comments by Kevin Pillar, he calls Colabello's positive test a 'technicality'. I wish reporters would ask him what that means. I don't see how a positive test can be a technicality.
  • I think it is good that Pillar is standing up for a friend, but I'd have to hear some idea of who the test might be wrong but I'll give Colabello a benefit of the doubt.
  • On the flip of that, I find it hard to believe that players are being caught by the testing. I imagine there is still doping going on, I just expect that the players are smart enough to know how not to get caught.
  • How many of us are try to learn to pronounce dehydrochlormethyltestosterone? Maybe just me. But then I woke up to some radio interview requests.
  • The sad part about all of this is it puts Chris' great 2015 season in question.
  • I really need a win today.
  • How about we have little contest: Who can give us the best caption for the picture at the top of this post? Give us your caption, vote with recs for your favorite.