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That was one awful game, Jays lose to White Sox

Nice catch by Jose
Nice catch by Jose
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

White Sox 10 Blue Jays 1

There isn't much good to say about that.

Chris Sale was terrific. 8 innings, 4 hits allowed, 2 walks and 6 strikeouts. I'm just happy he didn't throw a no-hitter.

The one black mark against him was Edwin Encarnacion's 200th home run as a Blue Jays. He becomes only the 6th player to hit 200 home runs for the team. 4 more homers and he'll pass George  Bell and Joe Carter for 4th spot on our home run leader board.

On our side, R.A. Dickey kept the White Sox off the board until a solo homer, by Avisail Garcia, in the 3rd. Then the White Sox scored 3 more off Dickey in the 5. And they got 2 more, on a Dioner Navarro homer in the 7th. I don't know what to say about Dickey, but, if he's planning on becoming good again, he really better do it soon. His ERA is no 6.75.

Joe Biagini took over, after the Navarro homer, and give up a run, on 3 hits and a walk, in 2 innings.

Our setup man, turned mopup man, Drew Storen started the 9th and quickly gave up 4 hits, including a Jimmy Rollins home run, before leaving with just one out.

Pat Venditte finished off the inning, giving up a walk, a sac fly (making it 3 earned against Storen)

About the only good thing to happen, besides Edwin's home run, was this play by Matt Dominguez:

No Jays of the Day (though I think those of us that sat all the way through that disaster earned one, so you can each take a JoD for yourself). Dickey gets the Suckage Award,with a -.186.

So we are at the same record, 10-12, as we were after 22 games last year.

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