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Poll Time: Do you approve of the job John Gibbons is doing?

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

I figure it is about time we did one of these.

We aren't off to the start that we expected, and, generally the manager takes the blame for things like that.

The offense hasn't been great, though it is starting to come around. I'm not sure how much you can blame him for the poor start of some of the batters. Pillar, as leadoff hitter, wasn't a great idea. But then, I'm sure Gibby didn't want to go with Saunders until he proved he could be healthy enough to play regularly. Beyond the leadoff spot, I don't have huge problems with his batting orders.Occasionally I think he misses a chance to pinch hit, but then there have been nagging injuries that have left him with a very short bench. And, I think, Goins and Barney should be in a pretty strict platoon, but maybe we are getting to that point.

The starting rotation, minus R.A. Dickey, has been terrific. I'm very glad that he (or they) decided Sanchez should be in the rotation (not that the bullpen couldn't use him).

The bullpen has been awful. How much of that is on Gibby, how much of that is on the front office and how much is bad luck is anyone's guess. If I was Gibby, the only one I'd really trust would be Roberto Osuna, I'd be pitching him a lot. Gavin Floyd seems to be the one of the others who is doing ok. It really surprises me how terrible Drew Storen has been. I don't know what is going on with him. Brett Cecil is having a rough start, but Gibby really has to keep running him out there. Joe Biagini has been ok, but I wouldn't want him out there with the game on the line, yet. Jesse Chavez has been good, most of the time, at least when he hasn't been hurt.

I imagine the start of the season has been tough on Gibby. It's been tough on me too.  And my job isn't on the line (or at least I don't think it is, never know).

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