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Jays lose on walk-off walk in extras

One of the very few good moments of the game.
One of the very few good moments of the game.
Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Blue Jays 4  Giants 5 (13 innings)

Well, extra innings was exciting, until the bottom of the 13th. Ryan Tepera in, the last guy from the pen. The leadoff man he hit by pitch. Then a bunt that Russell Martin jumped on quick, but bounced the throw into second and Troy Tulowitzki couldn't squeeze it. What could have been a bunt into a double play, ended up being first and second, no one out. A wild pitch and intentional walk later, and we have bases loaded. A liner at Edwin Encarnacion and we have 1 out. But then

Tepera couldn't throw a strike and we lost on a walk off walk.

Tepera wasn't the only one that lost us that one. Top of the 13th, Ryan Goins leading off, singles to left, but he decided to stretch the single into a double. An incredibly stupid move. He made it close. The replay was too close to call, but no one out, it was a stupid gamble that he should have never made.

In the 11th we had 2 on and Edwin had a 3-0 count and flies out.

Tulo made mulitple errors. Russell Martin bounced that throw and was 0 for 4, leaving many guys on base. Edwin left 6 on base, Bautista 4. There is enough blame to go around.

Until that game tying 9th inning home run, by Michael Saunders, it was a frustrating game. Saunders' home run was the 9th pitch of his at bat, leading off the 9th inning. Unfortunately, even with a Bautista base on balls, we couldn't get the go ahead run.

And then extra innings were frustrating.

The Jays loaded the bases in the first. After that Madison Bumgarner only allowed 1 more hit and 3 more walks, before he was pulled with 2 out in the 7th. Bumgarner complained about 1 ball call that inning (it looked like a ball to me) and then never had to complain about a call again for the rest of the game. He got 2 very questionable calls go his way, in that first inning. A strike 2 call, up very high, on Edwin Encarnacion that @BlueJaysUmp called a 6% call. Then, same at bat, strike 3 was a 38% call, on a low and outside pitch.

On the Jays side, Marcus Stroman wasn't great, but he really wasn't helped out by his defense. Troy Tulowitzki made an official error, that led to 2 runs scoring. Darwin Barney had two ground balls, and Tulo one, that just avoided their gloves. If you want an 'in the old days' story, I think 2 of those 3 would have been called errors, back 'in the day'. Now, if the ball doesn't clank off the glove, even if the fielder clearly should have had it, they don't call it an error. There might have been a bad bounce on one of them, but all three were plays that should have been made. Then, in the Giants' 2-run fifth inning, Kevin Pillar turned the wrong way, on a fly ball hit over his head, and just missed making the catch. It wasn't an easy catch, but, last year, it was one he would have made easily. That 'non-catch' cost Marcus an earned run.

Marcus went 6 innings, allowed 8 hits (4 of which should have been outs, in my view), 4 runs, 2 earned (it could have been one earned if Pillar made that catch), 2 walks and 5 strikeouts.

The bullpen until the bottom of the 13th, Chad Girodo and Joe Biagini shared a clean 7th. Jesse Chavez gave up a hit and a walk, but made it out of the 8th and gave up another hit in the 9th, but kept the game tied.

Course the bottom of the 10th was frustrating too. Drew Storen, in the game because, Gavin Floyd and Ryan Tepera would be the ones asked to go multiple innings if needed, got an out, gave up a single and then hit Jarrett Parker,on the foot, with an 0-2 count. 2 on, 1 out and Storen got the double play ball he needed, but Tulowitzki booted it for his second error of the game. Instead of being out of the inning, we had bases loaded, 1-out. But, Drew got a strikeout and a hard hit ground out, that Edwin made a nice play on.

Gavin Floyd gave up a single in the 11th and a walk in the 12th but kept the game going. He's likely our second best reliever at the moment

We started out comeback, from our 4-1 deficit, in the 8th inning against the Giants' bullpen. Donaldson and Encarnacion singled and Tulo was hit by pitch to load the bases with 1 out. Russell Martin hit a sac fly and Justin Smoak had a pinch hit single to bring us to 4-3, but Ryan Goins flew out to center to end the inning.

Thankfully we tied it in the 9th.

We had 11 hits on the day, 9 singles, a Donaldson double, and the Saunders' home run. Donaldson had 4 hits.

Jays of the Day: Saunders (.343 WPA) Floyd (.231), Chavez (.138), Storen (.116, though he needed some luck to get through his inning), Donaldson (.121).

On the Suckage side:

  • Tepera (-.384) but would have been helped by good throw from Martin.
  • Stroman gets a -.230,but he wasn't helped by his defense.
  • Martin picks up a -.149  for an 0 for 4 with the sac fly. Plus the terrible error in the 13th.
  • Edwin (-.137) despite a couple of saving plays on defense.
  • Tulowitzki (-.125) plus 2 errors. And, he really could have corralled Martins bad throw and got us one out there.
  • Ryan Goins (-.207), the stupid decision to stretch the single, plus an out earlier in the game, where we really needed a hit.
Thank what ever deity you want that tomorrow is an off-day.

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