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Jays lose the basebrawl game

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Blue Jays 6 Rangers 7

Well, that ended badly. We really should have won that one.

So, if you missed it. Matt Bush plunked Jose Bautista, in the 8th inning. Jose, not surprisingly wasn't happy. I don't blame him in the least.

Then Justin Smoak hits into an easy double play. Jose Bautista slides into second hard. Actually, hard in this year terms, not  awful before this year, but you knew that wasn't going to be happy. The slide got the umps to call an automatic double play. That was the right call.

Roughed Odor, apparently the only person who didn't know what was coming, pushes Bautista and starts swinging, getting in one good shot to the jaw and then everyone was on the field.

I'd give high marks to Adrian Beltran, he grabbed Jose from behind and kept him from, more than likely, getting himself suspended for the season. Or up on murder charges. Josh Donaldson got ejected for a tackle (or something).

Kevin Pillar, among others, was right in there swinging hard.

Then, of course, Jesse Chavez hits Prince Fielder to start the bottom of the inning. getting himself ejected and clearing the benches again.

In the game. we were down 2-1 going into the 6th. we loaded the bases. Pillar got an RBI on a force. Donaldson walked and Bautista cleared the bases with a double. Suddenly we are up 6-3.

Unfortunately, in the bottom of the 7th the Rangers got 4 runs. Keith Moreland doubled. Elvis Andrus singled. Then Ryan Rua hit into a double play. Sanchez walked Bryan Holaday. Then Sanchez got a very weak ground ball from Odor, but too weak and it turned into an infield hit. Sanchez out, Jesse Chavez in.

Chavez gives up a 3-run homer and the Rangers were ahead again.

We had lots of hits (12 plus 4 walks). We should have scored more. Really should have. Some guys are in deep slumps. Donaldson was the only Jay not to get a hit. He's had a rough time of late.

Jays of the Day: Bautista (.385), Pillar (.186) and Saunders (.103)

Suckage goes to Chavez (-.539), Smoak (-.346, on a 1 for 5 day), Donaldson (-.097) and Martin (-.100).

There were earlier ejections. Tim Leiper got tossed for arguing (I guess) a balk. John Gibbons was ejected for arguing balls and strikes.

Gibbons, after the game, called Matt Bush hitting Bautista gutless, saying they had played 7 games and then you do it at the end of the last one.

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