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Brawling, the code and bantering continued on Rocket Sports and Entertainment

It seems the baseball community just can't get enough of the Jose Bautista brawl that happened Sunday afternoon in Texas.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Boy was Sunday's melee interesting. From a number of different angles. The entire Jays community was upset at over what happened with Jose Bautista and rightly so. Their all-star slugger had a 97 mph fastball launched into his ribs. He could have been injured and out for a significant portion of the Jays season.

On the other side, the Texas Rangers were still upset over a bat-flip that happened more than six months ago. Regardless of where you sit and what jersey you're donning, this whole fight infuriated a lot of people. And nearly two days later, that anger still hasn't dissipated. Nor do I expect it to in the coming months. When you see Rougned Odor batting while watching a game in a bar somewhere, you're still going to scoff.

There are a number of different angles that one can attack this story with. You can talk about the hit-by-pitch from Matt Bush. You can talk about bat-flipping. You can talk new sliding rules and incorporate what Jose did Sunday afternoon into that conversation. More importantly, you can get into this argument of new school versus old school baseball and the thing that ties us all together, "the rules."

Luckily, I had the opportunity to talk with Kris Dunn of Rocket Sports and Entertainment at 1340AM in the Tampa Bay area. Dunn and I discussed all of these topics and more in our conversation, talking at length about how to make baseball exciting once again.

Before the suspensions land and we all get even more upset about how things transpired, we have a little bit more time to think about what happened and what it means going forward. We can think about what Sunday meant other than just another brawl and self-assess whether the game of baseball needs to change in the future. That's what I tried to do anyways.

Listen here to our conversation.

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