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Jays add Paredes and Venditte, subtract Burns and Antolin

Pat Venditte
Pat Venditte
Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

The roster shuffles keep on happening.

The Jays sent Andy Burns and Dustin Antolin back to Buffalo and activate Jimmy Paredes and call Pat Venditte back up.

Burns got a whole 5 plate appearances to show what he could do. He had 1 walks and 2 strikeouts in those 5 at bats. I would have rather they give him little longer to show what he could do, but such is life in baseball. I'd imagine we'll see him again before too long.

Antolin (one l not two Tom) pitched 2 innings in yesterday's mess, giving up 4 hits, including a home run, 1 walks, 1 strikeouts with 3 earned runs. After the bullpen threw 7 innings yesterday, you had to figure they would want a fresh arm. It must be fun to be the last arm in the bullpen for the Jays, you know if you pitch more than an inning, you'll be driving back to Buffalo the next day.

Paredes, as you know, we claimed from the Orioles off waivers. He's a switch hitter. Last year he hit .275/.310/.416 in 104 games. Career he has been a much better batter against right-handed pitchers (.700 career OPS) than left-handers (.510).

Venditte pitched in 5 games, for us, and had a 7.36 ERA in 3.2 innings. As you know he throws with either hand, which is something that I figure is a better idea in theory than in practice. I'm hoping he'll be used as a LOOGY, but, with our team, he'll likely have to face right-handers too.

Welcome Jimmy, I hope you enjoy your time in Toronto, and welcome back Pat, I hope this stay is longer than the last one.