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Odor suspended 8 games, Gibby 3

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Heyman tells us that Roughed Odor gets 8 games for, you know, everything. I imagine it won't be his last suspension. I thought he deserved 10 games, figured he would get 5-6 so, all in all likely fair.

Of course he is appealing.

Also, John Gibbons gets 3 games. There will likely be more announcements before I hit publish.

I really don't want to say anything more about it, but I'd imagine the Jays will get suspensions adding up to 8 games, because MLB will want to look like they are even handed.

I'd suggest to MLB that they tell players that they don't want to see any more of the 'fun police'. Have the teams worry about themselves and not be so telling other teams how they should act. I guess it would be impossible to legislate, but just a statement from them saying fans like celebrations, shut up about them.

Update: Shi tweets that Josh Donaldson won't be suspended.

Update #2: Elvis Andrus gets 1 game for throwing a punch at Pillar.

Update #3:

Update #4:

Update #5:

Update 6: Jose Bautista gets one game for taking it.