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Blue Jays report cards at the quarter pole


Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We have hit the 41 game mark, the 1/4 point of the season. The Blue Jays are 19-22, which is, surprisingly, 1 game better than they were last year after 41 games.

Anyone that says they figured the team would start like this is lying. I came into the season worried about the rotation, figuring the bullpen would be pretty good, and that we would have a world beating offense. Who expected the rotation to be amazing, the offense to be poor (and inconsistent) and the bullpen to be terrible.

Top of the Class:

  • Marco Estrada:  A: Marco has had 3 bad innings this season, 11 of his 14 earned runs came in those 3 innings. He's getting more strikeouts than last year (22..9% up from 18.1) and he's getting more ground balls than last year (42.9% up from 32.2).
  • J.A. Happ: A: Happ might have been an A+ before last night's game. For me, the biggest pleasant surprise of the first 40 games. I didn't buy into the idea that his 11 starts, for the Pirates, was a real change of abilities.
  • Aaron Sanchez: A: He's still walking too many, 21 in 52 innings. Other than that, he's been better than we could have hoped. I expected him to grow from start to start, sort of like last year. The nice part is no one is saying he should be in the pen (I guess I shouldn't say no one, but you don't see it as much).
  • Roberto Osuna: A: The one member of the bullpen that we can trust. He has one blown save (with 8 saves). He hasn't pitched a lot lately, as there hasn't been many spots to use him.
  • Gavin FloydA: Floyd has a 2.00 ERA and has held batters to a .161/.235/.323 batting line. He's turned out to be a terrific signing by Shapiro.
  • Joe BiaginiA: The rule 5 pick up has a 0.68 ERA (a little misleading as he's had a couple of unearned runs. Batters are hitting just .204/.286/.245
  • Marcus StromanA-: He's been great, until last night. He's averaging 7 innings per start. He's had the bullpen allow too many of the runners he left on base to score.
  • Gavin Floyd: A: Floyd has a 2.00 ERA and has held batters to a .161/.235/.323 batting line. He's turned out to be a terrific signing by Shapiro.
  • Ezequiel Carrera: A: Yeah, I didn't want him to make the team, but he's been terrific. .356/396/.489 batting line. He made a nice throw home the other day. He's looked ok on defense, in the corner spots. He really isn't a CFer but then he doesn't play it much
  • Joe Biagini: B+: The rule 5 pick up has a 0.68 ERA (a little misleading as he's had a couple of unearned runs. Batters are hitting just .204/.286/.245 against him. He's going to end up getting non mopup appearances if he keeps pitching like this.
  • Michael Saunders: B+: He's surprised me and unlike most of his teammates, surprised me in a good way. Loses a point for less than terrific defense and the occasional base running mistake.
  • Justin Smoak: B+: Raise your hand if you figured Smoak would lead the time in on base percentage. He still strikes out a bunch (30% of the time), but I really didn't expect a .293/.420/..451 line from him.
  • Josh Donaldson: B: His April was a solid A....but he's stopped hitting in May (.194/.306/.274, with 1 home run and 1 RBI this month). He was calling out his teammates, back in April, for having bad at bats, for no coming up to the plate with a plan. He seems to have caught what ever was effecting everyone else.
  • Darwin Barney: B: Hitting .317/.349/.383. Counting last year, he has a .313 batting average as a Blue Jay. He had a couple of bad days with the glove, he's made 3 errors (and had a couple of balls go right under his glove). I don't imagine he can keep up the .300 batting average but, I'd be willing to give him to full time job at second, until he proves he can't hit.

Mid Class:

  • Kevin Pillar: B-: He's still a streak hitter, but his defense is  great. We haven't have as many highlight reel type catches, but he's been getting to everything his his way. I wish he would learn to take a walk, he's actually walking less than last year, 2.4% down from 4.5% last year.
  • Jose BautistaB-: He really isn't  having a Bautista type season this year. but he still gets on base..227/.376/.468 with 7 home runs. His defense in right is really lacking and he doesn't seem like he's throwing well at all. If Smoak wasn't hitting, I'd be all for moving him to first this year. Maybe a .376 on base deserves a better mark, but I keep waiting for him to have one of those stretches where he carries the team on his back for a couple of week, and it hasn't happened yet. Soon I hope.
  • Edwin Encarnacion: D: Edwin's hitting .241/.313/.437 and when hitting is all you do, that's not good enough. The few times he's played first, I thought he's been good. but he's got to hit better.

Bottom of the class:

  • R.A. Dickey: D-: He has had 3 good starts in a row (one ruined by awful defense) and his last start was terrific. He always seems to start slow. I'm hoping his last start was a sign of things too come.
  • Jesse Chavez: D-: A good ERA (3.14) making a poor season. Batters are hitting .286/.349/.536 against him. He's given up 4 home runs in 14.1 innings.
  • Troy Tulowitzki: F+: Second on the team in home runs at 8. Got his batting average all the way up to .200. He is taking some walk. And, for the most part, his defense has been good, FanGraphs has him at a 6.6 UZR/150. He seemed to be going through a bad stretch with the glove a couple of weeks ago (I figured he was taking his offensive problems into the field with him), but has been better of late. He's been much better over the last week, .389/.389/.833. I hope he can keep it up.
  • Russell Martin: F: Hitting .170/.237/.179. 41 game in, he has 1 extra base hit .41 strikeouts. He's been good behind the plate but he's got to hit some.
  • Brett Cecil: F: Guys are hitting .370/.412/.500 against him. Maybe the injury is what caused it his problems. I wonder how long he's been sore?
  • Ryan Goins: F: Great glove but he's hitting like a pitcher. In fact there are several pitchers I'd rather have at the plate them Goins right now. I don't think if you can have a good enough glove to make up for a .159/.204/.252 batting line.
  • Josh Thole: F: He is what he is, we shouldn't expect more. He has thrown out 4 of 10 base stealers.
  • Drew Storen: F: Every now and then he has a good outing and I think, ok he's figured it out. But no. Batters are hitting .33*/.388/.597 against  him. He does have 6 holds and 2 saves, for whatever that's worth. And he's brought his ERA under 9.


Chris Colabello (off taking remedial chemistry), Pat Venditte, Chad Girodo (though he's looked good in his appearances) and, roughly 75 others.