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Today's lineup, Jose Bautista leads off

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Today's lineup.Jose Bautista in the lead off spot....that's a wow move to me.

I think its an interesting idea. I would imagine Bautista has been consulted on this. They wouldn't just move him to lead off without a conversation.

I'd think this wouldn't/shouldn't be just a one game thing. I like Saunders in the lead off spot, but I'm all for trying something to get the offense rolling. The way things are going, it really can't hurt. And, if it gets a couple of bats going, I'd be thrilled. I'd love to see us score a bunch for a change.

Career, as a lead off hitter, Bautista has a .264/.356/.464 line in 105 games, most from early in his time with the Blue Jays. That was before he started rocketing balls over the outfield walls.

We do live in interesting times.