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2016 Draft Preview: Recapping the 2010-15 drafts

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Before getting deeper into analyzing the tendencies and strategies the Blue Jays have shown and used in recent drafts, I thought it would be useful to briefly recap and review those drafts. I've gone back to 2010, which is when Alex Anthopoulos took over and though he is gone, many of people who have been integral to running those drafts remain.

For each draft, I'll list the total spending, all signed draftees picked in the top 100 or who received signing bonuses over $250,000, other notables, and finally a list of all signed draftees who made the majors. For each player, I'll list their position, round, high school or college, signing bonus, and current status or when and how they left the organization.

2010 Draft

Total Spend: approx. $11,115,400

Top 100 Picks: RHP Deck McGuire (1st round, 11th overall; college; $2,000,000; lost on waivers 5/2014), RHP Aaron Sanchez (1st round supp., 34th overall; HS; $775,000; MLB starting rotation); TRIGGER WARNING RHP Noah Syndergaard (1s, 38th overall; HS; $600,000; traded 12/2012 to New York Mets), RHP Asher Wojciechowski (1s, 41st overall; college; $815,400; traded 7/2012 to Houston), LHP Griffin Murphy (2nd round; HS; $800,000; released 11/2015), IF Kellen Sweeney (2nd round; HS; $600,000; released 6/2014), LHP Justin Nicolino (2nd round; HS; $615,000; traded 11/2015 to Miami), 3B/OF Chris Hawkins (3rd round; HS; $350,000; released 4/2014)

Big Bonuses: IF Dickie Joe Thon (10th round; HS; $1,500,000; Dunedin), RHP Sam Dyson (4th round; college; $600,000; lost on waivers 1/2013; best stuff in the system ca. 2012, LHP Mitchell Taylor (7th round; HS; $367,500; retired 1/2012)

Other Notables: OF Dalton Pompey (15th round; HS; $150,000; Buffalo), LHP Sean Nolin (6th round; junior college; $175,000; traded 11/2014 to Oakland)

Unsigned: Kris Bryant (18th round)

Major Leaguers: Syndergaard, Sanchez, Wojciechowski, Nicolino, Dyson, Nolin, Pompey (plus Bryant)

Comment: A lot of high picks and money spent, but it's produced a pitcher with ace upside, another with a high ceiling, a potential regular OF, and multiple useful pitchers. Potentially a draft class for the ages.

2011 Draft

Total Spend: approx. $10,878,500

Top 100 Picks: OF Jacob Anderson (1st round supp., 35th overall; HS; $990,000, Lansing), RHP Joe Musgrove (1s, 46th overall; HS; $500,000; traded 7/2012 to Houston), OF Dwight Smith Jr (1s, 46th overall; HS; $800,000; New Hampshire), RHP Kevin Comer (1s, 57th overall; HS; $1,650,000; traded 8/2012 to Houston), LHP Daniel Norris (2nd round; HS; $2,000,000; traded 7/2015 to Detroit), RHP Jeremy Gabryswzski (2nd round; HS; $575,000; New Hampshire)

Big Bonuses: 2B Christian Lopes (7th round; HS; $700,000; Dunedin), IF Matt Dean (13th round; HS; $737,500; New Hamoshire), RHP Mark Biggs (8th round; HS; $600,000; released 4/2016), RHP John Stilson (3rd round; college; $500,000; New Hampshire), RHP Tom Robson (4th round; HS; $325,000; Dunedin), IF Andy Burns (11th round; college; $250,000; Buffalo), RHP Brady Dragmire (17th round; HS; $250,000; New Hampshire)

Other Notables: OF Kevin Pillar (32d round; DII college; $1,000; starting MLB CF), RHP Anthony Desclafani (6th round;college; $235,000; traded 11/2012 to Miami)

Unsigned: RHP Tyler Beede (1st round, 21st overall), LHP Andrew Chin (5th round), LHP Andrew Suarez (9th round), RHP Luke Weaver (19th round), RHP Aaron Nola (22nd round)

Major Leaguers: Norris, DeSclafani, Burns, Rollins, Pillar (plus Nola)

Comment: Considering how many picks they had and how much money was spent, the returns from 2011 have overall been disappointing. Hitting on Pillar goes a long way in salvaging it; the likes of Musgrove, DeSclafani and others likewise could add significant value to bolster the overall production.

2012 Draft

Total Spend: approx. $10,163,000 (plus ~$300,000 in penalties overage)

Top 100 Picks: OF D.J. Davis (1st round, 17th overall; HS; $1,750,000; Dunedin), RHP Marcus Stroman (1st round, 22nd overall; college; $1,800,000; MLB starting rotation), LHP Matt Smoral (1st round supp., 50th overall; HS; $2,000,000;  extended spring), 3B Mitch Nay (1s, 58th overall; HS; 1,000,000; injured/Dunedin), RHP Tyler Gonzales (1s, 60th overall; HS; $750,000; released 7/2014), RHP Chase De Jong (2nd round; HS; $860,000; given away to the Dodgers 7/2015 for a little international slot money thanks AA)

Big Bonuses: OF Anthony Alford (3rd round, HS; $750,000; Dunedin), LHP Ryan Borucki (15th round; HS; $426,000; Lansing),

Other Notables: LHP Shane Dawson (17th round; HS; $90,000; New Hampshire)

Major Leaguers: Stroman

Comment: Stroman alone will likely mean this draft should turn out at least okay, if Alford pans out it could make it very god even considering how many picks the Jays had. Lot of high risk draftees.

2013 Draft

Total Spend: approx. $3,428,280

Top 100 Picks: RHP Clinton Hollon (2nd round; HS; $467,280; suspended twice), RHP Patrick Murphy (3rd round; HS; $500,000; Lansing)

Big Bonuses: 1B Rowdy Tellez (30th round; HS; $850,000; New Hampshire), LHP Jake Brentz (11th round; HS; $700,000; traded 7/2015 to Seattle), LHP Evan Smith (4th round; HS; $350,000; extended spring)

Other Notables: LHP Matt Boyd (6th round; college; $75,000; traded 7/2015 to Detroit), RHP Conner Greene (7th round; HS; $100,000; Dunedin), RHP Kendall Graveman (8th round; college; $5,000; traded 11/2014 to Oakland), LHP Chad Girodo (9th round; college; $5,000; MLB bullpen), LHP Tim Mayza (12th round, DII college; $100,000; Dunedin)

Unsigned: RHP Phil Bickford (1st round, 11th overall)

Major Leaguers: Boyd, Graveman, Girodo

Comment: Lot of value found and already realized in round 6 through 12; a decent draft even without a signed first rounder and if nothing much comes of the remaining names above

2014 Draft

Total Spend: approx. $9,294,700

Top 100 Picks: RHP Jeff Hoffman (1st round, 9th overall; college; $3,080,800; traded 7/2015 to Colorado), C Max Pentecost (1st round, 11th overall; college; $2,888,300; Lansing), RHP Sean Reid-Foley (2nd round; HS; $1,128,800; Lansing), LHP Nick Wells (3rd round; HS; $661,800; traded 7/2015 to Seattle)

Big Bonuses: OF Lane Thomas (5th round; HS; $750,000; Lansing), C Matt Morgan (4th round; HS; $300,000; extended spring)

Other Notables: to be determined

Major Leaguers: None yet

2015 Draft

Total Spend: approx. $4,354,800

Top 100 Picks: RHP Jon Harris (1st round, 29th overall; college, $1,944,800; Lansing), RHP Justin Maese (3rd round; HS; $300,000; extended spring)

Big Bonuses: OF Reggie Pruitt (24th round; HS; $500,000; extended spring), IF Carl Wise (4th round; college; $450,000; Lansing), Jose Espada (5th round; HS; $300,000; extended spring)

Other Notables: to be determined

Unsigned: RHP Brady Singer (2nd round)

Major Leaguers: None yet