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Mark Shapiro on Sportsnet

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Shapiro was on Sportsnet with Jeff Blair this morning. I figured we should have a thread to discuss what was said. Go listen and come back, we'll wait.

Or I could share a few highlights:

Asked about the first 40 games:


Starting a season like this makes it amplified. It draws so much attention to it.

There is some comfort in the fact that these are proven hitters, they should come up to the mean.

Trade market?

We are spending time and energy on (looking at) trades. This time was built to win now. You gotta be careful not to react too quickly.

Fire Gibby?

A disproportionate amount of focus gets put on the manager or sometimes a coach. Those changes are made more to satisfy the beast than to get results.  To be around Gibby is to be incredibly confident. He is consistent. He is strong. He is committed.

Fire some in the coaching staff?

Those are not conversations we are focused on. How do we dig ourselves out of this small hole is our focus/

What should we think about the players going to the coaching staff with ideas?

It gives fans a window and some insight into what has been remarkable for me to see. They think about it. They talk about it. It isn't the standard team that showers and is out of there in 30 minutes. In spring training they watch and coached each other.

When do you have to make the call on that the team isn't what we hoped they are?

Last year, at 101 games the team was 1 game above.500. It is difficult to react too quickly. They could always go on a run. You look at other teams. You look for your overall position and status. I'm going to be fairly slow to act, give every opportunity to this team. Do everything humanly possible to extend the window to win.

What have you learned about the minor leagues?

In spring training I was surprised at the number of prospects and the way they handled themselves. Better talent than I thought we had. The minor league teams haven't had the greatest start to the season.

The bulk of the talent is below the Double-A level. They aren't close to helping.

Devon Travis timeline?

I'm careful about setting time lines, especially publicly. He needs a bulk of at bats beneath him. I think to rush that, because of injury history and because of youth, we can't rush that.

When he's ready, because he's so talented, we'll know.

Will the bullpen problems get you thinking about moving Aaron Sanchez to the pen?

No. Joe Biagini and Gavin Floyd have been great. Roberto Osuna has been great. Aaron Loup has looked good in rehab.

I thought Shapiro said all the right things. He is thoughtful in interviews. And does seem to try to answer the questions asked.

He really is in a bad spot. There isn't much he can do, other than wait and hope that things get better. Unless some of the guys get hitting, he really doesn't matter what he does. He could make some happy by firing Gibby, but still, unless guys getting hitting, it won't matter who is the manager.

What do you think?