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Sunday Bantering: Drew Storen, Josh Donaldson

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

There are a couple of bits of Blue Jays news that I figured we could talk about.

Bob Elliot, in the Sun, asks if the Jays will Trade Drew Storen? And then Sportsnet tells us that Drew is available in trade talks.

Bob tells us:

Scouts from the Atlanta Braves, Colorado Rockies, Kansas City Royals, Los Angeles Dodgers, Miami Marlins, San Diego Padres and San Francisco Giants were watching the Jays-Twins series.

And Drew pitched a clean inning (what are the odds?) in Friday's game.

Of course the Jays would like to trade Storen. He's making $8 million and change this season, and he's been awful. Worse than awful. And guys making a ton of money, who are play awful, well, those are the guys you want to trade. Unfortunately, they are also the guys that have no trade value at all. Right now, if I'm another GM, I wouldn't take the guy even if the Jays covered his contract.

Course we aren't exactly armpits deep in great bullpen arms. I'm hopeful that Loup's rehab goes well and we'll see him in Toronto soon. Bo Schultz is being hit hard in his rehab appearances. At the moment, I think the only thing to do is to hope that Drew an turn it around. If you've decided he can't turn it around, and you figure you had someone better to take his roster spot, maybe he have to release him.

We are short a setup man or two. Floyd Gavin seems to be giving up too many home runs. Joe Biagini has looked very good, and I hope he can keep it up. We are going to need him.

And, the other story is Josh Donaldson's ejection and umpire Toby Basner's wife's facebook comment. In case you missed it.

The post does give an insight into that particular umpire. His wife thinks his job is to throw players out of the game and it is something to be cheered. I would like umpires to think that ejecting a player is a last resort, something that should be avoided at almost all costs.

Occaionslly, players do need to be tossed, but the umpire, and their families really shouldn't be celebrating

Josh says the Twins dugout was chirping at him, he yelled a particular phrase back, the umpire figured Josh was talking to him (and didn't even do his Al Pacino impersonation) and Josh was out of the game. I kind of figure that most umpires have heard that particular phrase and, maybe, could wait to be sure it was directed at them before using the thumb.

Today's lineup. Barney is in against the right-hander, which isn't a surprise. Goins has been totally lost at the plate.