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Blue Jays send Matt Dominguez down, call up Chad Girodo

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Blue Jays made a roster move after yesterday's game, sending back up first and third baseman Matt Dominguez back to Buffalo and bringing lefty reliever Chad Girodo up in his place.

Dominguez had 8 plate appearances, in his short time with the Blue Jays. 7 outs (3 strikeouts) and a walk.  He played a game at third, a game a first and had a pinch hitting opportunity.

Girodo, you'll remember, was up for a few days, with the team, back in April, got into 1 games, pitching 2 scoreless innings, allowing a hit, getting a strikeout and hitting a batter. And then he was sent back down so that Drew Hutchison could make his spot start.

In Buffalo, Chad has pitched in 6 games, 8.2 innings allowing 8 hits, 1 earned, 2 walks with 8 strikeouts.

This gives the Jays the 8-man bullpen they seem to enjoy. They wanted the 'fresh arm' because they used 4 relievers Tuesday, and 3 on Monday. The nice part is that they now have 2 lefties in the pen and Ryan Tepera, who was the only reliever who didn't get into either of the last two games. Personally, I'd rather have an extra pinch hitter, but I don't run things.

I'm not sure how long Girodo will be up with the team, if I was given the choice, I'd take him over Tepera, but I'd think one of the two will be sent down for a bat fairly soon.