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The Case for Andy Burns

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday we found out that the Jays have opted to call up Chad Girodo to give them an 8 man bullpen. This is something we've seen the Jays do in the past. But, this probably won't be an option for long as the Jays head to San Francisco on Monday. So, by that time they will surely call someone up to add depth to the bench. And, I for one am voting for Andy Burns.

We all recognize Andy Burns and many of us were encouraged by his strong spring. But, Burns hasn't gotten off to the best start in Buffalo as he's slashing .233/.298/.369. But, Burns has been better of late as he's hitting .262 over his last 10 games to go along with 2 home runs and 2 stolen bases. So, maybe we're ready to see a breakout.

But, the main reasons that Burns is an attractive option is that Gibbons recently said that Barney could start platooning and seeing more at-bats against lefties. While I'm all for Goins being platooned, I question whether Barney is the right man for the job. For his career Barney has hit .260/.320/.382 against lefties. This is good, but not great. Over the last three years in the minors Burns has hit .309/.370/.488 against lefties.While we could expect some draw back once he gets to the majors, it's still reasonable to expect his numbers would be an improvement over Barney's.

The other reason bringing up Burns is worth exploring is that Devon Travis is on his way back. While he's still a ways away from making it back to Toronto, it's reasonable to assume that once he does come back the Jays won't want to carry three second baseman. The Jays will likely send down either Barney or Goins and will have a vacant spot on the bench. Burns brings a tremendous amount of versatility in the field plus great potential against lefties (Danny Valencia).If the Jays are interested in bringing up Burns at some point this season, then now might be a good time to have him get acclimated and provide a better platoon option.

Burns currently isn't on the Jays 40 man roster, so he would need to be added. But, the Jays only have 38 guys on the 40 man roster, meaning they have the ability to add him without having to remove someone.

Burns might not be the answer. But at this point I'm worth exploring anything that can improve our offense and bench.

Who would you call if when the Blue Jays go back to a 7-man bullpen?