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Around the Nest Blue Jays Minor League Podcast - Week 11: The Jordan (Romano) Rules

There have been chatter that MLB’s rule committee is looking to put in place automatic intentional walks in order to save the time it takes for pitchers to lightly toss four balls to the catcher. (My thoughts: making pitchers throw four balls is not exciting, the end result is basically pre-determined, and it is almost always executed without a hitch, but so is the jog around the diamond after a home run lands out of the park.) That rule could’ve saved a Fisher Cats win, and definitely would've prevented reliever Wil Browning’s embarrassment last night, when he uncorked a wild pitch on an intentional walk attempt to allow an Altoona Curve runner to score the winning run from third base.

Edit: Trey Wilson of the Curve tells me that the scoring was changed to a passed ball, because it did go off of the cather's glove.

Naturally, Around The Nest’s Question of the Week is: What is the weirdest (or most interesting) way you've seen a game end?

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Here is the description from host Jesse Goldberg-Strassler

Jordan Romano makes a brilliant (and complete) return to the mound in Single-A Lansing, Sean Reid-Foley dominates his A-Advanced Dunedin 2016 debut, Dwight Smith Jr. goes streaking in Double-A New Hampshire, and the Buffalo Bisons are looking for YOUR vote in Triple-A. All of this, plus the start of the Vancouver Canadians' season, and a discussion of the wildest finishes we've seen.

As always, the radio voices of the Blue Jays minor league teams are looking forward to answering your question about their team! Simply ask them in the comments below before 4 pm.