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Game #76 GameThread: Jays @ White Sox

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

Air I didn't know, Justin Smoak is out with a swollen knee, so Donaldson is DHing today, Goins is playing third. With Thole catching, it doesn't make for a intimidating bottom of the order.

Course it was the top of the order that failed is last night. It didn't look like Edwin was seeing the ball at all. But then he had a great day with the glove.

I was sitting right below the box that Mark Buehrle was in. It is a very nice park, with decent food, it could use some better beer choices, but you can't have everything. Fireworks after the game were good.

I'm enjoying Chicago. Lots of great restaurants. If you are at the game today, we are going to Cork and Kerry, near the park for drinks after, join us.


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