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Game #80 GameThread: Jays @ Rockies

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Game three in Denver, and the last game of my little trip.

Last night's game was long and we needed a cab back to the hotel, it is only a 20-30 minute walk, but it was very late and it had been a long day. Visiting the states is always an adventure.

Yesterday afternoon, (it was hot as hell) after having a very nice lunch, we were wondering around the downtown area and more cop cars than I have ever seen in my life sped past us, and then all stopped about a block away. Hillary Clinton is in town, so I figured that it was her motorcade. But, as more and more cars, ambulances, fire trucks raced past, we figured it was something more.

A guy near said 'there is an active shooter, he's shoot 10 people', so we walked the opposite direction. Stopping at a shoe store, they had the TV on and it said that several shots were fired. The people in the store said we were welcome to hang out there until all was clear.

As it turned out, some guy shot one woman, several times and then shot himself. So never trust what you hear on the street.

Then there was the rain/hail/thunder storm....I've never seen rain fall sideways before. I really didn't think they would get the game in, but the field played pretty good. Every now and then a ball would hit a puddle, but they did an amazing job getting the field play able.

Late start and long game added up to getting back to the hotel at 2:00 or soon after.

I don't have lineups yet, someone can add them to the thread.


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