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Terrible game for the Blue Jays

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Detroit Tigers
Pretty sky though....
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Blue Jays 0 Tigers 11

That was just a mess. We couldn't hit. We couldn't pitch. And we couldn't field.

When Kevin Pillar is screwing up plays, you know there is a problem. He misjudged a line drive, hit almost right at him, turning it into a triple (no error because his error was too big for him to have the ball go off his glove). And he messed up trying to pick up a single to the outfield, this time getting an error. He also had a wimpy throw from the outfield on a play where he had a shot at the runner coming to the plate.

Russell Martin was having a tough time behind the plate. He bounced a throw to second on a stolen base. He allowed a passed ball and 3 wild pitches. He couldn't catch a throw home from the outfield, which might have caught the runner coming into score.

J.A. Happ had a tough time. He gave up 6 hits, 6 earned, 2 walks and 2 home runs, with 3 strikeouts. He had some bad luck, seeing eye singles making it through the infield and was the victim of the bad defense. One of the home runs against him just barely cleared the fence, and that was after throwing a pitch, that looked to be right on the lower inside corner, not called for strike 3. He had bad luck, but he also wasn't good.

Offensively, we managed just 3 hits, two singles from Darwin Barney, one was an infield single that the Tiger's starter, Michael Fulmer, missed when reaching down to field it and a 9th inning triple by Michael Saunders. We had a mini rally, with 2 out in the 9th, Justin Smoak walked after Saunders' triple. But Josh Thole ended the horror, grounding out.

Gavin Floyd came into the game to start the 6th inning and couldn't get out of the inning. He allowed 5 hits, 1 walks and 3 earned runs. He wasn't unlucky, he was just bad. Joe Biagini had to come in to get the last out of the inning, with the bases loaded.

Jason Grilli pitched the 7th, the first time he's faced more than one batter as a Blue Jays. He allowed 2 singles, but got 3 strikeouts.

Drew Storen pitched the 8th and gave up 2 more runs.

No Jays of the Day.

Suckage: Happ has the number (-.312 WPA). Let's give one to Edwin Encarnacion (-.084) as a representative of a terrible offensive effort. He was 0 for 3 and hit into a double play in the 1st. And let's give one each to Martin and Pillar, for crappy defense and a collective 0 for 6.

We had an amazing 952 comments in the GameThread. Barraqudie led the way. Good work in a crappy game.

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