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Poll Time: Do you approve of the job John Gibbons is doing?

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

We haven't done one of these since late April, so I thought maybe we should take everyone's temperature again.

Last time Gibby didn't do so well, he was 27% approve, 28% neutral and 45% disapprove.

The team has been playing better of late. We are 12-5 in our last 17 games, even after last nights debacle.

The offense has been a bit better since moving Jose Bautista to the top of the lineup. I'm not sure if that's cause and effect or not. Some guys still aren't hitting. I'm getting closer to where I think Kevin Pillar should be given a couple weeks in Buffalo to see if he can remember how to hit. Over his last 24 games, he's hit .165/.172/.220. That's pretty awful. His defense is so good (again ignoring last night) that it's tough to figure out at what point is glove can't carry his bat. He's such a streak hitter, you never know when a hot stretch will start again.

Batting Russell Martin cleanup, the other day, because he was 2 for 3 against the starting pitcher, is one of those strange little things Gibby's going to do that will drive us nuts. But then, with a lefty starting against the team, who else would you put in the spot (unless you  wanted to change around the top 3)? Well, yeah, Saunders, ok. And, surprise, Martin, hit a home run.

The starting pitching has continued to be great (again ignoring last night).

The bullpen.......well we had a blow out, with our starting pitcher coming out of the game early, and we had plenty of arms in the pen that needed work in a mopup game. Gavin Floyd and Drew Storen showed why they shouldn't pitch anything other than in mopup roles.

I think Gibby is getting a handle on who he can trust. Mostly Osuna. But he seems to have decided on Biagini for 8th inning setup. Jason Grilli seems to be the one he uses mid-inning (which will likely last until he has a blowup inning). Loup is the LOOGY. I don't think he trusts anyone else in the pen (or at least he shouldn't).

Let's have the poll.

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