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AL beats NL

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

AL 4 NL 2

So, after the stupidity of the Tenors (or a lone wolf tenor) (I always figured wolves were more baritones) messing with the Canadian National Anthem, there was a, not terribly exciting baseball game.

The scoring:

  • NL got a run in the first inning, a Bryce Harper Kris Bryant home run off Chris Sale.
  • AL got 2 in the second inning,. Eric Homser hit a solo homer and Sal Perez had a 2-run shot,and the Royals AL was up 3-1.
  • AL got 1 more in the third inning. A 1-out walk for David Ortiz (even I was thinking 'groove one for him and let his last All-Star at bat be a home run). Xander Bogaerts doubled, moving 'pinch lumberer' Edwin Encarnacion to third, and he scored on an Eric Hosmer single. 4-1 AL.
  • NL got 1 back in the fourth. Aaron Sanchez gave up a 1-out walk and a pair of singles, before getting out of the inning. 4-2 AL.
And that was the end of the scoring.

The Jays All-Stars:
  • Aaron Sanchez, as noted, gave up a walk and 2 singles. He looked a little revved up, having a hard time controlling his pitches and he seemed to be getting squeezed a bit, by home plate umpire Mike Winters. Jose Altuve made a nice play on a line drive and Addison Russell made an equally nice play on a ground ball to get him out of the inning.
  • Edwin Encarnacion pinch ran and scored. He also walked and popped out to the catcher.
  • Josh Donaldson hit a fly to left, in his one at bat, and made a nice play to start the game ending double play.
  • Michael Saunders popped out to third in his one at bat.
Eric Hosmer was named MVP.

The AL had 10 hits, 2 home runs and 2 walks. The NL had 8 hits, 1 home run and 3 walks.

And, judging by the reaction of the other tenors, maybe there was something to this lone wolf idea (though I'm sure I saw a second wolf on the grassy knole).