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Game #95 GameThread: Jays @ Diamondbacks

Chase Field.
Chase Field.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I have 3 weeks until my Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer, two days of 100 k of bike riding each day. Now, when I signed up, life was pretty normal, and I figured I'd have lots of time to train.

A little bit after I signed up, my mom went into hospital with dementia. And my dad started showing signs of going down the same path. Add in my dad has never made a meal for himself in 65 yeas.He doesn't know how the washer works. He doesn't understand that dishes don't magically clean themselves (or they don't even magically take themselves back to the kitchen). The man has lived a charmed life.

So the long and the short of it is that I've been going up to Edmonton to help out every time I have a chance. That, and the effects of dealing with parents who are quickly going down hill, has eaten into training time. I wouldn't say I've been depressed, but I have had my moments. I have found a new appreciation for beer. Add in that we've had the worst spring, for weather, that I've seen here in Calgary.

All that is a long way of saying, I'm not in shape for the ride. And I've reached the age that getting into shape doesn't happen overnight. Today I rode 80 k. All the way back was into a strong wind. I didn't do great. So, I'm going to be biking hard for the next 3 weeks. Tomorrow is 60 k from Canmore to Banff.

This is where the apology goes for me being among the missing for much of the next 3 weeks.

Today's lineups (NL rules, yay).

Today's Lineups

Devon Travis - 2B Jean Segura - 2B
Josh Donaldson - 3B Michael Bourn - CF
Edwin Encarnacion - 1B Paul Goldschmidt - 1B
Michael Saunders - LF Jake Lamb - 3B
Russell Martin - C Welington Castillo - C
Troy Tulowitzki - SS Brandon Drury - LF
Kevin Pillar - CF Yasmany Tomas - RF
Junior Lake - RF Nick Ahmed - SS
Aaron Sanchez - RHP Zack Godley - RHP


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