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Game #104 GameThread: Orioles @ Blue Jays

More of this please
More of this please
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Today's winner will be the first place team (for at least a day). We've had a fun team, the last couple of seasons. Both years it has taken Gibby and company to figure out how all the parts work together. The bullpen, in particular, didn't come out of the box fully assembled, both years. But, things have improved as we've worked our way through the season. I really have to give Gibby credit for that. He's come into the season thinking the pen was going to work in a certain way and then found out different, and had to fight his way through to come up with how it can work.

I like this tweet from FiveThirtyEight:

That's nice to see, course, that and $5.50 will buy you a coffee.

And there is this:

It does look like we are getting closer and closer to Aaron Sanchez moving to the bullpen. I wish they would change their minds on that, but It doesn't see like it is going to happen.

Today's Lineups

Adam Jones - CF Jose Bautista - DH
Jonathan Schoop - 2B Josh Donaldson - 3B
Manny Machado - 3B Edwin Encarnacion - 1B
Chris Davis - 1B Michael Saunders - LF
Mark Trumbo - RF Troy Tulowitzki - SS
Pedro Alvarez - DH Russell Martin - C
Matt Wieters - C Melvin Upton Jr. - RF
J.J. Hardy - SS Kevin Pillar - CF
Nolan Reimold - LF Devon Travis - 2B
Yovani Gallardo - RHP J.A. Happ - LHP

Happ has been pretty great of late, even if he isn't pitching late into games.


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