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Great start from Sanchez: Jays beat Royals

The moment after hitting a 2-run single.
The moment after hitting a 2-run single.
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Royals 2 Blue Jays 6

So Aaron Sanchez was absolutely terrific again. 8 innings of 3 hit ball. Other than the Kendys Morales home run, he was never in trouble. He only had 3 strikeouts and he had more hard hit balls to the outfield than normal. And Kevin Pillar made a couple of very nice catches, to help him out, but Sanchez kept the Royals off balance all night. GameDay had him at 9 ground outs and 5 fly outs. Aaron also made a very nice catch on a hard line drive right back at him.

We are going to want his parents watching every game.

Brett Cecil gave up a 2-out home run in the 9th, that just barely scraped over the wall, but with a 5-run lead, that was ok.

On offense, we scored a run in the first on 2 walks and 2 ground outs. And then nothing, until the seventh inning.

In the 7th we finally got to Edinson Volquez. We loaded the bases on a Russell Martin walk, a Troy Tulowitzki single and Pillar taking a pitch off the elbow. I was worried he was hurt.

Volquez was out, after 99 pitches, and Luke Hochevar came in. Hochevar:

  • Walked Devon Travis to bring in the go ahead run.
  • Gave up a single to Darwin Barney, scoring 2.
  • Watched Ezequiel Carrera bunt Travis and Barney to third and second. Carrera came close to beating it out.
  • And gave up a Josh Donaldson single to make it 6-1.
Jays of the Day: Sanchez (.270 WPA). No one else had the number, but I'm going to give one to Tulo (.081) for his 2 for 3 with a walk. Travis, for the 7th inning walk and Barney, for his 2-run single, get honorable mention. And let's give an honorable mention to Pillar for the catches in CF.

Before the big inning, I was worried that Edwin Encarnacion getting thrown out at home, back in the fourth inning, was going to come back to bite us. With Edwin on second, Pillar singled to left, Edwin was waved home, but a perfect throw from Alex Gordon just got him. Nothing wrong with sending him, there were 2 out, and it took a terrific throw to just barely get Edwin.

No Suckage Jays. Michael Saunders had the low mark at -.023.

In Jays news, the team is saying that Marco Estrada is likely to make his next start, that his MRI didn't show anything new. I might err on the side of caution, but it is good that Estrada is ok.

We had 1360 comments in our GameThreads, a pretty good number considering it was a quick game (2 hours and 10 minutes). DangYouToHeck led us to victory again.

# Commenter # Comments
1 DangYouToHeck 152
2 barraqudie 88
3 T-Ball 75
4 Belisarius 74
5 Eric H 69
6 Tom Dakers 68
7 MidnightOverlord 68
8 radivel 59
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10 Matt W 46
11 Nelson Liriano 44
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13 Mike Hannah 44
14 GameOfInches2.0 42
15 Alan F. 41
16 stressed 32
17 MartsB 30
18 publius varrus 28
19 Gerse 26
20 Drinkin' Wit' Terrell Farley 25
21 Bowling_Guy25 21
22 yyzcalifornia 21
23 DoshJonaldson 18
24 PatBordersMVP 17
25 jmarples 17
26 SayWord13 17
27 fishedin 16
28 TimmyMax 15
29 Janz_V84 12
30 Pillar for President 12
31 madrush 12
32 Momus3 12
33 hoph 11
34 the_tbj_fan 11