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Tuesday Bantering

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Toronto Blue Jays
More of this tonight would be good by me.
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

We are a week away from the MLB All-Star game. Who do you think will be going from the Blue Jays. Donaldson for sure. Edwin maybe. I’d love to see Aaron Sanchez go. Marco Estrada said he would like to go. J.A. Happ might have a shot.

I’m always torn on the idea of whether players are better off taking the days off (but then not getting food poisoning on holiday) or if being named as one of the best players in the game helps a play think he is one of the best players in the game. I would think that would give you a shot of adrenaline going into the second half of the season. And a change is as good as a break.

As long as they don’t get hurt, I kind of think going to the game would it give guys a bit of an extra jump for the second half.

In case you missed it:

I’m not unhappy that we won’t be seeing him this series, but I’m hoping that it isn’t anything worse than a strain.

David Price hates the idea that the All-Star game decides which team has home field advantage in the World Series. I’ll admit, I’m with him. I think the players should be allowed to just enjoy the game. I know Bud Selig got embarrassed with the tie game, a few years back, but his embarrassment shouldn’t be the reason that we do silly things.

Alykan K. Ravjiani tells us that Gibby has suggested that Drew Hutchison could start on Thursday, pushing Marco Estrada’s start to Friday or Saturday. And:

He also said that Chris Colabello will start playing in Buffalo on July 13, he’s been playing extended spring games in Florida. He is eligible to play for the Jays starting July 23.

There is this. I liked Reyes, but I really wouldn’t want to be picking up a player who, yes allegedly, has beat on a woman.

This chart surprised me, apparently the Jays are pretty good baserunners:

Today’s lineup: