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Three Blue Jays Named to 2016 All-Star Game (with more to come?)

The rosters for the AL and NL All-Star Teams have been announced and some familiar names are on it!

Marco Estrada is among three (maybe 4... possible 5) Blue Jays to make the 2016 AL All-Star Team!
Marco Estrada is among three (maybe 4... possible 5) Blue Jays to make the 2016 AL All-Star Team!
Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Tonight Major League Baseball named the rosters for the 2016 All-Star Game, and the Toronto Blue Jays are well represented in the American League.

They also, perhaps, have the biggest snub. But, we'll come back to that.

Josh Donaldson wasn't voted into the starting lineup. Instead, Manny Machado of the Baltimore Orioles had that privilege. But, Donaldson was added as a reserve. The Bringer of Rain has been having an even better season than the one that saw him win the AL MVP last year.

He has 20 HR's and 58 RBI's, to go with his .298/.411/.581 slash, a 161 wRC+ and the 2nd highest Position Player WAR (4.8) behind, you guessed it, Mike Trout. This is his 3rd All Star Appearance.

Edwin Encarnacion, the MLB leader in RBI's, also will be a reserve for the AL team. His season numbers have him at 22 HR's and 76 RBI with a slash of .264/.356/.542 and a wRC+ of 135. These might not scream All-Star, but consider that after a slow start (April saw him hit .250 with an 82 wRC+) he has 19 HR in 262 PA's, slashing a .271/.379/.606 with a 157 wRC+ since May 1st.

And, from June 1st, 12 HR in 133 PA, .311/.432/.726 with a 198 wRC+. All of this is to say that he's come to life since April (May wasn't great but it was better, if I'm being transparent) and people took notice. This, too, is Encarnacion's 3rd All-Star Appearance.

And finally, Marco Estrada. More like Marco All-Strada, amiright?..... Yeah, I'll stop. Yes, the other half of the Adam Lind trade has been nothing short of fantastic since being placed into the rotation, and people have noticed.

His 2.93 ERA is T-3 in the AL and he's pitched far better than his 5-3 record would have you believe. His 1.8 WAR is T-13th among AL pitchers, and his .172 Opp. Batting Average is tops in all of baseball. His 0.99 WHIP is 2nd in the AL, 5th in the MLB. This is his 1st All-Star Appearance, and he found out on his Birthday! 

Before I get to the Final Five (because I want to leave you on that) I'll mention that there was one snub. Blue Jays righty Aaron Sanchez did not make the roster. His 2.4 WAR (T-5 in the AL), and 2.94 ERA (6th) were not enough to get him the nod, though there is hope he'll get in as pitchers pull out of the game. It's a shame, but it is likely temporary.

Now, the Final Five, and a chance for Blue Jays Nation (so... Canada, mostly) to shine. Michael Saunders joins Evan Longoria, Dustin Pedroia, Ian Kinsler, and George Springer, as the players that fans will be allowed to vote on to get one into the All-Star Game.

Saunders has been fantastic this season slashing a .290/.366/544 with a 140 wRC+ for the Jays. He has a 1.8 WAR to go with his 15 HR's and 38 RBI.

So, you can submit your vote online or text it. But, for those using Twitter, it is important to note that the  #VoteCaptainCanada hashtag does not count until FRIDAY (10am-4pm ET).

Let's get our 4th Blue Jay into the All-Star Game!!!

(maybe 5th, if Aaron takes someone's spot)