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Marco Estrada to the DL

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Toronto Blue Jays Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

The Blue Jays have decided to put Marco Estrada on the DL. That’s a bit of a surprise, yesterday Marco was saying that he would be able to make his next start, or, if not, just be moved back a day or two. He was looking forward to being in the All-Star game. But the team has decided to be cautious. He will be able to go to the game and take part in everything but the actual game

They will backdate the DL to his last start but they say they won’t be activating him until the first home stand after the break. They play the Diamondbacks in Phoenix on the 19th and 20th and they don’t want him pitching (or more they don’t want him batting there. So he should be back for the Mariners series at Rogers Centre July 22 to 24th. They don’t feel he’ll need a rehab start.

Gibby says that Bo Schultz will be called back up, but he won’t likely arrive in time for tonight’s game.

Drew Hutchison will take the start on Thursday. Then we have Happ, Sanchez, Dickey and then the All-Star break.

In other news, if you were hoping that Aaron Sanchez would get some extra rest, with the All-Star break, it doesn’t look like that will happen:

Life as a manager is know it would be best to give Aaron rest, but you are in a race. With Estrada going on the DL, they don’t really have anyone that can spell Sanchez for a start. And, with Aaron pitching so well, you want him out there.

In other news, Saunders gets a DH day, he’s been playing everyday, so a half day off is a good thing. I guess the fourth outfielder, today, is Darwin Barney. I’m not thrilled with Travis at the back of the order, but the way everyone is hitting I’m hoping it won’t matter.