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Wednesday Bantering: Tepera up, Bautista gets day off

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at San Francisco Giants Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports


So it was the tumble from yesterday that is the reason Jose is out of tonight's game:

Not good news. We really could use a healthy team over the next couple of month. Heal up quick Jose.

Ryan Tepera made the trip from Buffalo to Toronto for tonight’s game. I think this is his 6th call up to the Blue Jays this season. He takes Danny Barnes’ spot, Barnes was optioned last night. I wonder if there is a slight savings of money if you option a guy one day and all up his replacement the next day. I guess not.

With the Jays he has a 5.79 ERA in 4.2 innings, with 5 hits, 3 walks and 4 strikeouts. In Buffalo he has a 2.66 ERA in 40.2 innings, 30 hits, 15 walks and 41 strikeouts. It would be nice if he could get a couple of weeks of major league money this time.

Jose Bautista sits tonight. Not sure if it is a day off, to give that toe a break, or is something, or if maybe he hurt something when his spikes caught on that throw into the infield yesterday. I’m sure that as soon as I hit ‘post’ we’ll have the answer.

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