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Around the Nest: Jays Minor League Podcast - Week 20: Capping Off the Week

It is Friday again, and that means we have another Around the Nest podcast coming out way. Our hose, Jesse Goldberg-Strassler, broadcaster for the Lansing Lugnuts, will be talking to broadcasters from each of the Jays minor league teams. Today's show goes live at 4:00 pm Eastern. Archived shows can be found here:

Link to today’s podcast.

Jesse describes today's show as:

Plot: The Fisher Cats take their youth movement seriously, the Buffalo Bisons introduce a golden new lid, the Bluefield Blue Jays are in the midst of high-stakes Mercer Cup action, Denis Diaz is on point for the Vancouver Canadians, the Lansing Lugnuts run sizzling hot and ice cold in the thick of the playoff race, and check out those Tartan jerseys for the D-Jays! In the end, all we're looking for is VICTORY... and the latest observations and insights from the radio voices of the system.

If you have questions you'd like answered, leave them in the comment thread below and Jesse and company will do their best to get them in.

Personally, I'm kind of curious how Dalton Pompey has been looking, especially on defense of late. And, speaking of center fielders, Anthony Alford has been hitting much better, in the past few weeks, what has changed for him?