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Roster moves: Ryan Goins called up, Darrell Cecilliani sent down.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

We have a roster move.

Ryan Goins comes up from Buffalo. He's been hitting a little better in August, .270/.333/.514 in 11 games.

To make room for him Darrell Cecilliani is taking the ride to Buffalo. Darrell didn't have a great time with the bat with the Jays. He hit .115/.179/.192 in 28 PA. He seemed to be swinging his bat better than the numbers look.

Goins gives us some depth with Josh Donaldson having a jammed thumb. To add to the fun, Troy Tulowitzki is out today with a 'tweaked' calf. Our lineup doesn't look as scary with both of them, and Jose Bautista, missing. I think Liriano is going to have to pitch a good game tonight. It is that time of the season where the little owies start adding up. I'm hoping Pillar and Bautista return soon.

Tonight's lineup:

Welcome back Ryan.