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Today in Bluebird Banter History: Mark Shapiro rumors

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Today in BBB history:

One year ago:

I posted a Ken Rosenthal rumor that the Blue Jays were interested in Mark Shapiro to become the new team president. I suggested that if the Jays hired Shapiro that it "would likely mean that Alex Anthopoulos would be leaving". Occasionally I get one right.

The comment thread had a number of people saying they wouldn't want to lose Alex, especially after he had just had the big trade deadline. Some mentioned how Alex had done a great job in building up the minor league system.

A year later, I wonder how many really miss Alex as much as they thought they would? We didn't make big moves at this year's trade deadline, but then we don't have the pieces in the minors to make moves like last year's. I think the small moves made have worked well.

Anyway, let us know if you are missing Alex.

Five years ago:

Adam Lind had been hit by pitch, in the hand, in that days game, and I asked 'if Adam was hurt', which of three players would we like to see called up. It turned out that Adam only missed a couple of days, but I wanted to mention this because my three choices for possible call ups were Adam Loewen, David Cooper and Travis Snider.

It's funny to me that just short time ago those three looked like our best hitting prospects. In the post I noted their batting lines in Triple-A Vegas:

At Vegas Loewen is hitting .307/.378/.514, with 16 home runs. For August he is hitting .254/.351/.353. His manager, Marty Brown really likes him and he can play outfield. He's in a bit of a slump at the moment.

Cooper is hitting .371/.444/.553 at Vegas. For August .333/.429/.391, so the power numbers are down the last 3 weeks.

For his time in Vegas this season, Snider is hitting .327/.394/.480. In August .298/.353/.447, he's had a couple of home runs his last five games.

David Cooper had some neck or back problems (or at least that's what it says in my memory) that derailed his career. I see he played 10 games for the Mets Double A team last year. I don't think he's playing this year.

Adam Loewen decided to go back to pitching and pitched 6 innings for the Diamondbacks this month. They didn't go well and he was DFAed and outrighted to Triple A.

Snider played some for the Pirates and Orioles last year. He's playing for the Royals Triple-A team this year. His power seems to have disappeared. He's hitting .245/.340/.350 in the PCL.