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Go get one of these soft and cuddly “Jason Grizzli” t-shirts

Declaration: The author is compensated for t-shirt sales.

A couple weeks ago, Buck Martinez made a little slip up in the eighth inning of a broadcast, calling Blue Jays reliever Jason Grilli "Jason Grizzli". Thankfully, absolutely no one noticed.

The good folks at BreakingT whipped up this t-shirt featuring a cuddly, but fierce, Jason Grizzli. Looking at him, I say that he probably just struck someone out or successfully stole their pic-a-nic basket full of grilled cheese sandwiches.

Buy your own Jason Grizzli t-shirt here!

I was surprised that the MLBPA signed off on it but I bet they found it too cute to say no to. (All BreakingT shirts featuring players are approved and licensed by the players’ union.)

By the way, remember the Kevin Pillar t-shirt from last year that started our collaboration with BreakingT? Well, guess who finally picked one up?

We’d like to make a readers’ choice t-shirt before the end of the regular season. Let us know in the poll below or in the comments below which shirt you’d like to see next!