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Does Brett Cecil Belong in the Toronto Blue Jays Bullpen

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

First off, I am truly excited to start writing and covering the Toronto Blue Jays for BlueBird Banter.

Throughout the season the Blue Jays bullpen have blown a lot of games most at the beginning of the season however. With the Toronto Blue Jays getting so close to playoff baseball they need to figure out their bullpen. Many fans after Sunday's game that Cecil recorded a blown save questioned why he is still apart of this bullpen.

The Jays need Brett Cecil plain and simple. Without Cecil the Jays bullpen would be down to one lefty in Aaron Loup. What many Jays fans seem to forget was how good Cecil has been lately, before Sunday's game Cecil in his past 12 games had 1 run on 3 hits. 3 walks and 12 strikeouts in 9.2 innings pitched. Cecil was dominant lately and deserved to be in the high leverage spot and deserves to be part of the bullpen come playoff time. Cecil in the past 28 days has a very respectable 3.12 ERA. In the last 28 days as well Cecil only has walked 2 batters which is a major improvement.

Cecil is the Jays best option as a left hander to coming out of the bullpen in playoffs as every out is important. If Cecil isn't your lefty who is? Francisco Liriano or Aaron Loup? Cecil gives the Jays the best chance to win and get lefties out if you like him or not, Cecil is the best left handed reliever on this roster.

Cecil has a very respectable 7 walks to 28 strikeouts. Cecil has also only given up 12 hits to left handers this season (lefties are hitting .267/.313/.356 against him). To be effective come post-season Gibbons needs to utilize Cecil as a one out kind of pitcher get the left hander out and get out of the game.

Cecil has been improving every outing for the past month and Sunday's outing was a little setback but the Jays should still continue to use Cecil as a high leverage reliever to help him regain his confidence going into the post-season.