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Game #129 GameThread: Twins @ Jays

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Let's have another one, just like the other one.

Pillar, Travis and Saunders are back in the lineup. Martin gets a day game after night game off.

Gibby says Travis will be back near the top of the order tomorrow, after they see how his hand does today.

Today's Lineups

Brian Dozier - 2B Jose Bautista - DH
Joe Mauer - 1B Josh Donaldson - 3B
Max Kepler - RF Edwin Encarnacion - 1B
Trevor Plouffe - 3B Troy Tulowitzki - SS
Eddie Rosario - CF Michael Saunders - RF
Miguel Sano - DH Kevin Pillar - CF
Eduardo Escobar - SS Melvin Upton Jr. - LF
Juan Centeno - C Devon Travis - 2B
Danny Santana - LF Josh Thole - C
Ervin Santana - RHP Marcus Stroman - RHP


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