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Game #112 GameThread: Blue Jays @ Royals

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The rubbermatch of the Blue Jays - Royals series will see Marcus Stroman taking the mound against Yordano Ventura, who hasn't faced the Blue Jays since game 6 of the ALCS. While Ventura is a hothead who promised that he would plunk Jose Bautista the next time they faced each other, my gut tells me that Ventura probably isn't stupid enough to pull this off again as this time his teammates might not have his back. I should probably note here that I said the same thing about the Rangers and Bautista earlier this season.

Today, in a day-game after a night-game, Josh Thole gets the call to catch Stroman, and Bautista gets a half-day off by DHing while Michael Saunders patrols right field. Justin Upton is in centre, Darwin Barney is in left, while Kevin Pillar gets a rare day off.

And let's take a brief walk down memory lane:


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