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Josh Thole signs, Devon Travis optioned

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Kansas City Royals Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

So.....there are many things I don’t understand about the rules of baseball, but this one is just straight out weird.

Josh Thole has been signed to a major league contract. We knew that was going to happen, unless someone was silly enough to pick him up off waivers.

But along with that, Devon Travis gets optioned to Bluefield. Why? I guess there is some sort of rule about not being able to sign a guy that was DFAed and opted for free agency not being able to sign with his original team unless he is replacing someone.

I imagine Travis was picked because he has options and since he won't be down for 20 days, it won't cost an option.

The good news is that Bluefield’s season ends tonight so Travis will be back tomorrow. Tonight....we are without Travis, and without Darwin Barney, so Ryan Goins and Troy Tulowitzki can’t get hurt. You would think they would call up Andy Burns or someone, since it is September and we can have as many on the roster as they want. No game tonight, you think I would remember these things.

This explains more:

Weird stuff.