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Tuesday Bantering - September 13

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1993 World Series Game Six - Philadelphia Phillies v Toronto Blue Jays

Good win yesterday to begin the series with the Rays. I was nervous after the false finish to the game with the dropped foul tip. Just seemed like one of those things that would immediately haunt us, but Osuna did a great job regrouping on the mound. Odorizzi seems to always pitch us tough so I’m not picky about how we got the win. Great job by Liriano as well.

Over at Baseball Prospectus, Nick Dika tells us not to panic and draws some parallels to the 1993 Blue Jays team that ended up winning the World Series. I remember the losing streaks he cites in the article very well (the ‘93 Jays lost 6 in a row in September and 10 of 11 earlier in the season). After the 6 game losing streak, the 1993 team won 9 in a row. Here’s hoping our guys can do the same.

Shi Davidi tells us the Aaron Sanchez’ next scheduled start is next week in Seattle. Sanchez has an apparent blister so this will buy him some time.

If the Jays are going to get back on top of the AL East, undoubtedly our big bats will have a big say. Arden Zwelling tweeted out a couple of encouraging signs about Donaldson and Bautista, who have been hitting the ball hard lately will little to show for it (SSS and all). I firmly believe Donaldson has a hot streak left in him. I’m a little less optimistic with Bautista. Update: I wrote this before the game tonight. Hope we see more Bautista home runs to prove me wrong.

Blue Jays Hunter shows us that John Gibbons has the lowest success rate for Manager Challenges this year at 39.1%. I don’t remember anything specifically but seem to recall a few occasions where it seemed obvious the call wasn’t going our way and he challenged anyway. I guess no harm in trying sometimes.

Nice message from Kevin Pillar after accepting his nomination for the Roberto Clemente award.

In what might be my favorite headline of the year, “Blue Jays manager John Gibbons has an affection for ejection”, Cathal Kelley of the Globe and Mail reports on John Gibbons being sent to the showers early. I didn’t realize it but his 8 ejections leads the majors this year.

Happy Tuesday everyone!