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Blue Jays 1 Angels 6 (it seemed worse)

That was just a mess.

About the only good thing about the game was Francisco Liriano. He pitched a good game. He went 6 innings, allowed 2 earned runs (with 2 unearned runs), 2 walks and 4 strikeouts. He gave up a solo homer to Albert Pujols in the 2nd. Other than it was all singles.

Beyond that....we couldn't hit and we couldn't catch.

I guess it isn't quite true that we couldn't hit. We got:

  • A lead off single in the first.
  • A lead off single in the second.
  • A lead off single in the third.
  • A lead off double in the fifth.
  • A lead off single in the sixth.
  • A 1-out single in the seventh.
  • A lead off single in the eighth.
It was just we couldn't score those lead off hits. Well, I guess we scored the one in the eighth.

What we could do was make mistakes. An incomplete list of mistakes made:

  • In the bottom of the third, with 1 out and a runner on first, Liriano had a ground ball hit back to him. He turned to throw to second and Devon Travis was behind the bag, and Troy Tulowitzki was running to the bag. Liriano threw kind of in between them and an easy double play became an error. We got a double play from the next batter so no real harm.
  • In the fifth, Travis led off with a double. Josh Donaldson ground to short, and Devon stupidly decided to try for 3rd base, making the first out of the inning at third.
  • In the bottom of the fifth, Andrelton Simmons on first, no outs, Liriano's pitch goes through Russell Martin. Martin thinks it is in front of him (it isn't) and Simmons goes to 3rd.
  • In the 6th, with an Angel on first, Mike Trout hits a grounder to first. Justin Smoak comes in and tries to make a great play, picking up the short hop to throw to second, maybe get the double play. He misses it. A bad move. He should have let the ball come to him and taken the easy out.
  • Same inning, Trout tries to steal 3rd, Martin's throw is there in plenty of time but Donaldson misses with the tag.
  • Simmons gets picked off at first but runs to second, no one is able to get to second in time to take the throw from Smoak.
  • Seventh inning a Donaldson throwing error.
Oh, and we left 12 guys on base, going 1 for 12 with RISP.

Devon had 3 hits. Edwin and Russell had 2 each. O fors went to Smoak, Saunders (each had a walk) and Donaldson (who was hit by pitch).

Jays of the Day? Well Devon had the number, .152, but getting caught going to third cancels that out.

Suckage? Everyone. But Tulo had a -.162 and Edwin had a -.128. Liriano had a -123, but that's on his defense for the most part.

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