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The New Rock Bottom? - Jays lose 4-0 to Angels

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I’d cry, but I’m sure the Blue Jays would find a way to strand my tears on 1st base.

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Los Angeles Angels
Bees, man... bees.
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Entering play on Sunday afternoon the Toronto Blue Jays (81-67) sat tied for the Wild Card spot (both of them...) with the Baltimore Orioles, while bother were three games behind the Boston Red Sox for the AL East.

Not that you would know that with how this team has played recently.

Marcus Stroman (9-8 with a 4.55 ERA) started for the Jays against the Los Angeles Angels (64-84) hoping to take the fourth and final game, as well as the series. On the bump for the Angels, Alex Meyer (0-3 and a 8.18 ERA).

(BOXSCORE for Mobile)

I'm not one who believes in signs. Especially biblical ones. But, I feel like the third inning gave us a big, clear one that sort of speaks to this month in team history. And it came in the form of bees. Though, truthfully, they may have been locust for all I'm concerned.

As Tom said to me, "no end of plagues on this team". And, truthfully, I couldn't even tell if he was making a joke anymore. Perhaps it's the teams recent play that is the joke.

On the baseball side, this game will be remembered for missed opportunities (so far as these kind of games are remembered...). The Jays had runners on base, they had their chances to take the game, or at least not be shut out, and they failed.

· Devon Travis started the game off with a walk. He didn’t leave first base.

· In the 3rd we had a 1-out walk from Kevin Pillar, followed by a Travis single. But that was followed by a double play.

· In the 4th, Edwin started things off with a double, but ended up thrown out at 3rd on a ground ball that glanced off the pitcher’s glove and went straight to Chad Fred Cliff Pennington. Edwin had to stop to make sure it got past the pitcher, and then was in no-mans land when it went to Pennington.

· In the 5th, Michael Saunders took a 1-out walk and didn’t leave first.

· In the 6th, Donaldson walked to lead off the inning, and was stranded at first.

· The 7th saw a 1-out single from Dioner guessed it, he didn’t make it to second.

· The 8th Travis walk, again leading off the inning, a strikeout later, Edwin hit into a double play.

· In the 9th, Jose Bautista doubled to lead off the inning. Did not move from 2nd.

For the Angels, they got the first run of the ballgame in the 2nd inning when Juan Graterol grounded out with the bases loaded, but it was enough to get the run home and open the scoring.

Albert Pujols singled home the 2nd run of the ballgame for the Angels in the 5th after Mike Trout doubled just ahead of him. And then in the 7th Joe Biagini struggled and allowed two runners to plate during the inning. The first on a C.J. Cron sac fly (scoring Trout, who had walked earlier in the inning), and a Rafael Ortega single to score Albert Pujol (who had singled after the Trout walk).

For whatever it is worth, Marcus Stroman wasn't bad. Wasn't great. But, he was far from bad. He went 6 innings, allowed just the 2 ER on 7 hits, striking out 3 and walking 2.

Meyer, on the other hand, looked very good... In the reoccurring theme of the Jays season, a guy with an ERA over 5.00 looked good against them. He went 5 IP, allowing no runs on just 2 hits. 7 K's and 3 BB's.

In the end, the sad truth is the Jays lose, and the slide continues.

Toronto Blue Jays 0 - 4 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Jay of the Day

You know what? I'm going to give out one today. I don't normally, but this week there has been a lot of talk about Devon Travis' "inability" to take walks. He was 1-2 with 2 BB's today, and was the lone Blue Jay with the number (.107). Sure feels like he's the only Jay not slumping right now.


Josh Donaldson (-.138) who went 0-3 with 2 K's. Jose Bautista (-.117), and Russell Martin (-.102)

The Jays need to regroup quickly as they start a series against the Seattle Mariners on Monday, and they are one of the many teams coming up behind the Jays in the Wild Card standings.

Source: FanGraphs