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What to do with Joe Biagini Next Season?

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

When the Blue Jays selecting pitcher Joe Biagini as a rule 5 draft pick last off-season he had to the a member of the 25 man roster. Thankfully, Biagini has earned his spot on the team and is an important part of the Blue Jays bullpen. The questions is, with Biagini not needing to be on the Jays roster next season, what should Toronto do with him?

Keep Him Up in Toronto

Biagini has been an important part of the Blue Jays bullpen and seems like an obvious choice to be a part of the bullpen next season, as Joaquin Benoit, Jason Grilli, Brett Cecil, Scott Feldman are all free agent at the end of this season. Toronto will need bullpen arms and Biagini deserves to get one of the spots available in the bullpen. Biagini has become a fan favourite in Toronto with his great pitching and quirky interview style.

Start him in Buffalo

Joe Biagini as a starter from the Giants minor league system, and the Jays may want to give him a chance to start next season. The Blue Jays have the option now to send Biagini down to Buffalo and stretch him out as a starter. In Double-A, in the Giant's system,  Biagini had a 2.42 ERA  in 130.1 inning pitched, as a starter. This may be a option Toronto uses especially with Francisco Liriano and Marco Estrada both entering next season in a contract year. Biagini has shown he is capable of pitching in the Majors and should be given the chance to start if he wants it.

Many Jays fans might not like this option as he's been a reliable reliever. With R.A. Dickey gone after this season and Liriano and Estrada possibly gone the next year, we would be down to Stroman, Sanchez and Happ as experienced starters. The Blue Jays may Biagini as a starter soon and giving him time in Buffalo makes sense.

So what do you think Jays fans what should Toronto do with Biagini next season.