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Paul Beeston named President Emeritus

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Paul Beeston State of the Franchise 2014

The Jays sent out a press release saying that Paul Beeston has been named President Emeritus, an honorary position that likely has no power but allows him to remain a part of the Blue Jays organization for the rest of his life. It is a nice idea. I’d imagine it allows him to be a spokesperson for the team.

The press release goes on to say:

“Paul’s achievements and dedication to both the Blue Jays and MLB is incomparable. This is simply a small token of recognition for the nearly four decades he’s given the game,” said Mark Shapiro, President & CEO, Toronto Blue Jays. “We felt it was right to honour the legacy he has built and ensure he’s a part of the future successes of this team.”

Beeston was the ‘first employee’ of the Blue Jays, hired as ‘vice president of administration’. He became club president in 1989 and stay in that job until 1997, when he left to work in the MLB’s front office. He came back to the Jays as president and CEO in 2008.

The release quotes Paul saying:

“I am truly fortunate to once again be welcomed back into this great organization, to have a small role moving forward is something that I sincerely appreciate. Over the past year I have had a front row seat to observe Mark Shapiro’s innovative thinking, his professionalism and his commitment to winning and bringing a championship to Toronto. I am confident we will achieve that goal and get back to where we have not been for over 23 years. Go Jays!”

Congratulations Paul, and, as it is a lifetime position, I hope you hold it for a long long time.