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Around the Nest Blue Jays Minor League Podcast - Week 22: This is the end

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So we have come to the end of the minor league season, for most of the teams in the Jays system, which means we are coming to the end of another season's worth of Around the Nest.

I think this year has been the best yet. I think Jesse, Ben, Spence, Kevin. Rob and Bailey should all take a well deserved curtain call. And we should give them a standing ovation. Adding this their already busy schedules and doing such a great job of keeping us informed is so nice of them

Click here to tune in at 4 pm Eastern or for an archived copy after the show!

Here’s the episode’s description from Jesse:

Plot: Minor League regular seasons are coming to an end, and so is Around the Nest. From Triple-A Buffalo to Double-A New Hampshire, A-Advanced Dunedin to Single-A Lansing, Short-Season Vancouver to Advanced Rookie Bluefield: Who were the top position players and pitchers around the system, and what were the top moments of the spring and summer at each affiliation? Join the radio broadcasters of the Toronto Blue Jays organization in summing up the 2016 season!

If you have a question,leave it in the thread. They will try to get to it.

My question....After working so hard all summer, what do the announcers do in the off season? On to the next sport? A well deserved vacation?