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Poll Time: Do you approve of the job John Gibbons is doing?

The Jays are having a crappy month (sorry to tell you if you hadn’t noticed) and it’s been more than a month since we have done one of these approval polls.

Back on August 10th, Gibby had pretty good numbers, 61% approve, 18% neutral, and 21% disapprove. But then we were in first place.

We aren’t in first place any more. How much of that you put on Gibby up to you. The normal thing is to blame the manager for losses and the players for wins.

We seem to have had way more than our share of little nagging injuries (and some of them not so little).

If you would have told me that, for the month of September:

  • Josh Donaldson would have a hip issue and would be hitting .149 with no homers.
  • Jose Bautista would have leg issues and would be hitting .220 with 1 home run (but a OBP).
  • Kevin Pillar would have a finger issue (though he brought up his batting average, for the month, to .268 yesterday) and was hitting with no power.
  • Marco Estrada would have a herniated disk and would have his first decent start of the month on the 19th (decent is the wrong word, it was an amazing start).
  • Russell Martin would have leg issues and would be hitting .170.
  • All-Star Michael Saunders would be hitting .125 with 1 extra base hit. I don’t know if there is an injury issue there, but I’m having a hard time coming up with an explanation for how his performance has just fallen apart.
  • Mevin Upton would be hitting .147.
  • Devon Travis would forget how to play defense for days at a time.

I would have guessed that we weren’t winning.

So I can’t blame Gibby too much for our crappy play. Things I do sort of blame him for

  • I would have liked him to use Jose and Josh at DH more earlier in the season. Maybe it wouldn’t have saved us from these ‘issues’ but I think both would have benefited from a day a week at DH.
  • I’d like him to move Jose back to the top of the lineup. I get that he dropped Jose down in the hopes that it would wake up his bat, but it hasn’t happened, and I’d like to have all those walks at the top of the order.
  • Kind of a minor thing, but if you are getting Brett Cecil up to face a lefty, maybe bring him in to face the lefty? I do understand that you don’t really trust him yet, but I think it is time to start trusting.
  • All we are saying is give Pompey a chance. All we are saying is give Pompey a chance. All we are saying is give Pompey a chance. Yeah I know it doesn’t meter right and John Lennon would be rolling in his grave, but still.....none of our outfielders are hitting. I’m having a hard time believing that Dalton would be worse.

Things I do like:

  • He hasn’t done any panicky things. If the team is going to win, the guys that aren’t hitting or pitching, are going to have to get it together. Yeah I’d like him to try Pompey, but putting him in isn’t going to make the team win. Bautista, Donaldson, Martin and all, hitting the way they should, that’s what’s going to make the team win. You gotta hope they do. If they don’t, anything else he does won’t matter. Those guys are either going to win for you, or not.
  • Much in the same vein, he trusts his guys. Grilli has a bad outing, he puts Grilli back into the same spot the next time. I’d like him to start to show some trust in Cecil too, but I can understand that it’s tough to get over the start to the season Brett had.
  • I think, all in all, he’s handling the starting rotation well. He is in a bit of a tough spot. 6 starters that all deserve to be in a regular rotation and he seems to be doing as well as you could hope.
Anyway, give us your vote.