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Interview with Blue Jays Pitcher Brady Dragmire

Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

Brady Dragmire is a right handed pitcher who was added to the 40 man roster this past off-season (and removed just last week).

Dragmire pitched last season in AA for New Hampshire and pitched in 45 games out of the bullpen with a 4-6 record and a 4.38 ERA in 72 innings pitched. Dragmire was drafted by the Blue Jays in 2011 in the 17th round and has worked his way up through the organization.


Cole Shelton: First off thank you Brady for taking time to talk to me today, What was it like to find out you were getting added to the 40 man roster?

Brady Dragmire: No worries, and it was one of the top highs of my career. I was absolutely ecstatic.

CS: A big moment in anyone's career, you pitched this season in AA what is your goal for next season?

BD: To pitch well in spring and see what happens. Then follow that up where ever I may go. I'd like to finish the year in the big leagues.

CS: Hoping you can achieve that next season, you were drafted out of high school, was there ever any thought not to sign and go to college?

BD: Me too (laughs), but there was no thought about me not signing I wanted to start my career as soon as possible so signing gave me that opportunity.

CS: Well glad you signed, for people who don't know your pitching describe yourself and compare yourself to a major league pitcher.

BD: I'm a sinker/slider guy. If i had to compare probably Mike Leake, like the way he pitches.

CS: Being a reliever what is on thing you want to improve on in your game.

BD: Just being more consistent with my sinker and getting more ground ball outs will make me a better pitcher and help me get to the big leagues.

CS: Following that, what is the hardest part of being a reliever?

BD: Coming into a game and trying to not let any of runs score from the starter if there are any on base, which makes a good reliever.

CS: What was it like to be drafted by Toronto and did you know anything about Toronto?

BD: Being drafted was amazing, also it was on June 7th my moms birthday, so I guess I got her a good birthday present (laughs).  And I knew nothing of Toronto but hope to get up there soon and see it.

CS: What are you most looking forward to when you play in Toronto?

BD: I'm looking forward to seeing the city and the fans. Great fan base! Can't wait to pitch in front of them and get going in Toronto.

CS: Finally, who is one player on the Jays you look up to?

BD: Osuna for sure. Love the way he pitches and how calm he is coming out of the pen hoping I can be like that in the majors.