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Hang in there, Blue Jays fans! A Kevin Pillar motivational t-shirt.

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A t-shirt for fans of a team clinging onto a playoff spot


As a long-time Blue Jays fan, for years I have wished for one simple thing: to see them play meaningful games in September.

Of course I am happy and excited and think that the Blue Jays have a very good chance at making the postseason, but man, these late season games are nerve-wracking. If the Jays are fortunate enough to make it into the Wild Card game, I’d probably be watching the entire thing rolling around the floor in the fetal position.

I was thinking of how the Blue Jays were just hanging on to their playoff position a couple weeks ago when Kevin Pillar was just hanging on to the top of the wall after not being able to catch a homer.

In a pseudo collaborative effort with Ian Hunter of Blue Jay Hunter as well as our friends at BreakingT, here is a t-shirt depicting Pillar giving Blue Jays fans the motivation needed to hang on and push through difficult times.

Click here to buy the t-shirt from BreakingT.

As always, this t-shirt is approved and licensed by the MLBPA and is oh-so-soft.

Being two games up on the Detroit Tigers (at the time of writing) means that the Blue Jays still have a 89.9% chance of making the postseason according to FanGraphs (if you consider the Wild Card game the postseason). Unlike last year the team isn’t exactly powering through into the postseason, but it’s not time to be worried yet. So, hang in there, Blue Jays fans, let’s see where this ride will take us!

Declaration: The author is compensated for t-shirt sales.