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More on last night’s game

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Toronto Blue Jays Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

So the game was somewhat less than fun.

Offensively, we did close to nothing. 3 hits (2 singles and a double) and 3 walks. Our one real chance to score was in the first inning. Ezequiel Carrerra singled, stole second, and Josh Donaldson walked. After the steal it was an easy decision to pitch around Josh, hope that he chases.

But we had runners on first and second, with no outs. We should have scored.

Edwin hit a deep fly, moving up Carerra, but Bautista struck out and Martin ground out softly. Martin had a night of soft ground outs, four for four on weak ground outs off off balanced looking swings.

We got 0 fors from Donaldson, Bautista (with 3 strikeouts), Martin, Tulowitzki, Saunders and Travis.

I’ll admit I’m feeling sorry for Donaldson, I get the feeling that he wouldn’t be playing if the season wasn’t on the line. He doesn’t look healthy out there. But then, there are likely a half dozen guys battling minor injuries.

Marcus Stroman allowed 4 ‘earned runs’, in 7 innings, and yet I thought he pitched a good game. His defense just failed him. Course the umpiring didn’t help much either, but that’s a separate issue.

The runs scored against him:

  • In the third inning, a fly ball to right that Michael Saunders got to and just missed. It wasn’t an easy catch, but if you get to it, you really ought to catch it. What should have been an out, became a double. A ground out and a sac fly later, and the Orioles had their first run.
  • In the fourth inning, a pair of 1-out singles gave the Orioles runners on the corners. We get a ground ball straight to Josh Donaldson. Josh could have gone home and would have likely got the runner. But instead he decided to go for the double play, but his throw to second was well wide of the bag. Devon Travis did a great job saving Josh from an error and getting the out at second. A perfect throw and they might have had a shot at a double play, Travis does turn the double as well as anyone. It would have been close, Michael Bourn was going down the first base line pretty quickly.
  • In the seventh inning, Michael Bourn led off with a walk. An Angel Hernandez special walk, where strikes thrown are call balls. Of course, he would come around to score.
  • In the 8th, Mark Trumbo hit a ball to left center and made it to second on what seemed like defensive indifference. Watching it a few times, I have to wonder where Melvin Upton was on the play, but as much as it was good base running on Trumbo’s part, Pillar should have been quicker on the play.

Last night I said Stroman was the one bright light in yesterday’s game, but Ryan Tepera was terrific coming out of the pen. After Aaron Loup got the first out of the 8th inning, Tepera got the last 5 outs of the game, 3 of them by strikeout. Nice to see someone pitch well out of the pen.

No Jay got the number for JoD, but I’d give one to Stroman and honorable mention to Tepera.

Only 2 Jays hit the number for Suckage, Bautista (-.142 WPA) and Martin (-.101). The team defense deserves a suckage award too.

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