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Interview with Blue Jays Minor Leaguer Matt Dean

Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Dean was born and raised in Texas and grew up a Texas Rangers fan. Dean was drafted in the 13th round in the 2011 MLB draft out of high school by the Blue Jays. His minor league career started off a bit slow but the past two seasons he has been promoted to the New Hampshire Fisher Cats of AA. There he hit .215 with 8 HR and 28 RBI's. Dean is looking for more success in 2017.


Cole Shelton: What was it like to be drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays?

Matt Dean: It was definitely a dream come true. It's always been a dream to play in the big leagues so that was the first step to getting there.

CS: Definitely a dream come true for any kid. When did you know that you were going to be a professional baseball player?

MD: I don't remember the exact moment but I knew after my junior year I was getting a lot of attention from scouts and what not. So I knew I was going to have a chance.

CS: You reached AA this season, what is your goal for the 2017 season?

MD: The ultimate goal is to get to the big leagues, so wherever I start in 2017 I have to work and continue getting better daily to achieve my goal.

CS: A good goal for sure, speaking of making the majors when do you see yourself making the MLB?

MD: I can take care of what I do, so I'm going to work as hard as I can and when the time comes the time comes.

CS: For sure hopefully it is very soon, for people who don't know follow you, describe yourself as a ball player and compare yourself to a current MLB player if you can.

MD: I'm not really the type of player to get mad and throw my gear after an out or error. It doesn't mean I don't care but I watched Derek Jeter a lot growing up and I liked how you couldn't tell when he was happy or upset, I like trying to play my game like him.

CS: Jeter is a good player to want to be. You grew up a Texas Rangers fan what were the playoffs like last season for your family?

MD: (Laughs) I get this question a lot. I obviously was going for Toronto cause I play for organization but my dad wanted the Rangers to win so we had some yelling going on in the house when the games were on.

CS: At least the good guys won that series. What is one thing you want to improve on in your game?

MD: I don't think there's just one thing I need to improve on. I know I need to improve everything in my game to be the best. You can never be good enough. There is always room to improve something in your game.

CS: Everybody knows the Jays got a new regime this year, has it had any effect on you at all?

MD: It has but in a positive way. Everybody is great and want things done the right way and expect big things out of players. So I think that pushes us to be better baseball players and young men.

CS: You were drafted out of high school, was there any thought to not sign and go to college?

MD: My ultimate goal in this game is to get to the big leagues and play against the best in the game. So I knew the quicker I could get into pro ball the quicker I'd have a chance at achieving my goal.

CS: Speaking of the draft, you slipped a little in the draft. Do you have any reasons why and did that affect you at all?

MD: It didn't matter to me. I'm just blessed that I am playing professional baseball and happy the Blue Jays took a chance on me.

CS: Thank you Matt for taking time today to speak with me, do you have any thing you want to say to Blue Jays fans?

MD: Come Together!