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Friday Bantering - September 9

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MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

If you haven’t heard, we start a crucial 3-game set against Boston tonight. Be prepared to hear “must win game” several times this weekend. I’ll remind myself that no matter what happens the Jays season won’t be over after this weekend and it sure is fun having every game mean this much. Can’t wait to watch.

Here are some Blue Jays news and notes:

At Fangraphs, August Fagerstrom makes his case for Josh Donaldson as AL MVP. He presented similar arguments for Trout, Altuve, Machado and Betts which are linked in the article. If the Jays win the division, I think Donaldson could edge out Altuve or Betts but my gut tells me one of those two will take it this year. Whatever, as long as we see October baseball.

Jon Heyman of reviews his best 20 trades of the last two years. Spoiler: the top trade has something to do with the MVP candidate discussed above.

Steve Adams at wonders if the Jays will extend a qualifying offer to Michael Saunders. I personally think he’ll receive a QO due to the relatively weak free agent outfield class.

Arden Zwelling tweeted this comment from Russell Martin after yesterday’s game. I really like the message and it reminds me that part of contending baseball is dealing with everything being under a microscope.

Tommy Rainey of Baseball Prospectus takes a look at the first draft in the Atkins/Shapiro era. It is much too early to tell but in my opinion the early returns from players including Zeuch, Woodman, Bichette, and others is encouraging.

Speaking of T.J. Zeuch, Sportsnet posted a Q&A where they inquire about his first year of pro baseball.

Richard Griffin of The Star points out everything wrong with the Jays now that they are a game out of first. Among other things, he’d like to see more bunting out of the team since, you know, it worked well for the 59-79 Rays last week.

The Jays were reportedly interested in Tim Tebow before he signed with the Mets. I’ve personally seen and heard enough of this guy for a lifetime.

John Lott at Vice Sports has a nice story on Roberto Osuna’s relationship with his family and how it has helped prepare him for life and baseball. This was a nice read and Osuna’s is truly an inspirational story.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the baseball everyone!