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Saturday Bantering: One Liners

MLB: ALCS-Toronto Blue Jays at Cleveland Indians
No the picture has nothing to do with the post.
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Some Saturday quick thoughts:

  • How long has it been since we had some real Blue Jays news?
  • Number one Jays prospect: Vladimir Guerrero or Anthony Alford? Someone else?
  • I like watching NFL, mostly because I don’t have a team. I spend all baseball season living and dying on every Blue Jays game. NFL I can watch and cheer the good plays without caring who wins. It is very relaxing.
  • The Jays used 9 different guys in left field last year, I wonder if they top that number this year. I don’t even know who I would bet on to get the most playing time in left. I think it is 50/50 that it is someone that isn’t in the organization at the moment.
  • We were in Costa Rica over New Years. The day we left the temperature was about 27C, when we landed in Calgary it was -22C. Why do we live here?
  • The Jays Winter Tour is up in Edmonton. In the past I’d have made the trip up but standing in line for autographs doesn’t do much for me anymore. They have one ‘Media Availability’ but it says **Please note this is an opportunity for all local credentialed print, TV & radio media only to have access to players for interviews **. Likely doesn’t mean me.
  • Thank you, Oilers, for not give the Jays players those incredibly ugly orange jerseys:
  • I got a mandolin for Christmas (and a guitar slide, which makes me curious on what a slide would sound like on a mandolin, I guess I can find out easy). Anyone else get someone musical for Christmas?
  • I’m very hopeful that Tim Raines is finally going to get into the Hall of Fame this year. I wonder who joins him. There are too many good names on the ballot. I’d be surprised if more than 3 make it.
  • If you had a ‘No-Trade’ clause in your contract, what team would be on it? For me, Yankees.
  • I’m having a hard time finding something I want to watch on Netflix. Any suggestions?
  • Who is your guess for surprise Blue Jay of the (coming) season? I think Marcus Stroman is going to have a big year.
  • I don’t understand Atlanta at all, but I’m kind of enjoying it.
  • Which Canadian team is going to go furthest in the NHL playoffs?
  • If you could speak to one baseball personality form the past, who would it be? Personally, any catcher from before the turn of the last century would be interesting. Why did you do that? No mask. Barely any padding in the gloves (at one point no gloves). But then any player who played with Ty Cobb would be interesting too. Was really as big a jerk as we believe?
  • Anyone make any New Year’s resolutions?
  • I wonder how many offers Jose Bautista has received from the Japanese league? I wonder how close he’s come to accept one.
  • Please Jays, SOME NEWS.