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Contest time

Give us your best Blue Jays related Limerick

Since the Bautista deal hasn’t been announced yet (I’m hoping by publishing this, the Bautista news will come out right away) and since Matt W suggested it, lets have a limerick contest. There is a little bit of news: Michael Saunders signed with the Phillies, but I can’t make myself write 150 words about it.

The rules are: come up with a limerick that says something about the Blue Jays.

Rec the ones you like, in a week or so, we’ll take the 5 that get the most recs and vote on which is best.

The winner gets...... nothing, except for the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from being the poet laureate for Bluebird Banter.

Now there are a couple of rules. Mostly it has to be clean. I know clean limericks aren't as much fun, but that's rules here. Thank goodness the Jays don't have a farm team in Nantucket. And make it relate somewhat towards to Jays, nothing to nasty but have fun with it. Yes you can bring over your limerick from Saturday’s post.

Deadline for getting your limerick in is one week from today, January 23. Put in your best limerick, may the best rhymer win.